Lynn Lott Encouragement Consulting Workshops

Lynn Lott Encouragement Consulting

What folks say about EC trainings:

“I just attended a conference on Encouragement Training. I usually walk away thinking I could have taught that. The experiential nature of this seminar totally engaged me and I actually learned new tools.”

“EC training is invaluable for physicians who want to relate better to their patients and improve the effectiveness of their practice. I would recommend this to all physicians who are trying to manage change and move their practice in a new direction.”

“I attended a two day encouragement training and it allowed me to connect with my inner children and to connect with the adult I’ve become. Thank you.”

“I loved the EC training because it helped me understand better why I operate the way I do. It has helped me to encourage myself and others. I cannot thank the trainers enough for sharing their wisdom and knowledge with us.”

“I attended an Encouragement Training for two days and enjoyed every moment of the training. The experiential process used provided an opportunity for personal growth as well as facilitation tools I can use in my clinical practice.”

“I just attended encouragement training. The experience began with the facilitators creating a safe and comfortable space. All participants were willing to share and be vulnerable. I gained incredible insight into my inner child and misguided behaviors. I am excited to do further exercises and activities from the workbooks that will help me continue to grow.”

“I have attended the EC training and have been in complete awe of how much impact it made on me and my understanding of inner children, who are part of who I am. As a parent, an educator, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend, I am on the journey to be more aware and accepting of how my inner child affects my decisions in the present time. I feel extremely encouraged to get to know this child even more. Thank you for moments of enlightening support and excitement of something amazing I can call a “change.”

EC Tracks and Trainings

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