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EC Course Description

Sponsoring Lynn to do an EC Training:

If you are already sponsoring Lynn to do an EC training please pay all of her teaching and print royalty fees on the “shop” page.
Note: There is no $35 certification fee if Lynn is leading the workshop. If you would like to sponsor Lynn to do a training please contact her directly at:
For more information about EC trainings in Asia please contact

EC trainer tracks

Encouragement Consultant Certification*

1. Encouragement Consultant:

1. Attend EC Training 参加过鼓励咨询师培训
2. Read Do It Yourself Therapy 完整阅读《做你自己的心理治疗师》
3. Read To Know Me is to Love Me 完整阅读《懂我就是爱我》
4. Practice Encouraging Yourself and Others 不断地练习鼓励自己和他人

Qualified for:
1. To deliver one-one-one encouragement consulting 进行一对一鼓励咨询
2. To lead small classes 开展针对小组的鼓励咨询
3. Use activities in PD class 把鼓励咨询师的活动应用于正面管教课程


2. EC Trainer

1. Be an EC 成为鼓励咨询师
2. Lead 2 or more small groups 带领过至少两个鼓励咨询小组
3. Hold 6 or more one on one sessions 做过至少6次一对一咨询
4. Be a PD Educator:成为正面管教导师
5. Submit summary of work to Justine Yao to apply for EC Trainer status 提交工作总结申请鼓励讲师

Qualified for:
Co-facilitate EC training 可以作为助教和鼓励导师一起教授鼓励咨询师课
3. EC Master


1. Be an EC Trainer 成为鼓励讲师
2. Co-Facilitate 1 EC Training 作为助教和鼓励导师一期带领过至少一期鼓励咨询师课程
3. Submit summary of work to Justine Yao to apply for Master status 提交工作总结申请鼓励导师

Qualified for:
1. Teach EC class 教授鼓励咨询师课程
2. Mentor other EC and EC trainer 辅导其他鼓励咨询师和鼓励讲师

*Optional – EC Advanced Training is available to provide additional skills for leading EC groups, as well as practice and feedback from Lynn. It is not required for any of the EC tracks.

For more information about EC trainings in Asia please contact

Using EC materials and giving EC trainings

Using EC materials and giving EC workshops

Information for EC workshops in Spanish


Option 1: Once you have participated in an 18 hour EC training you can host your own non-certification trainings or use these activities in your professional life.


  • Workshops can be any length of time
  • There is no certification or certification fee for workshops less than 18 hours.  
  • If you print materials pay for print royalties “shop” page
  • Participants may also purchase the pdf of the materials for download on the website
  • Do not share via email the pdf of the books and materials
  • If you use certain pages or activities from the books cite them correctly.

Option 2: If you are a Master trainer and you want to give an 18-hour workshop that will result in EC Certification for participants please follow the instructions below:


  1. The workshop must include the following materials: To Know Me is to Love Me, Do It Yourself Therapy, and when available Madame Dora Cards
  2. The activities on the shared agenda must occur at the workshop. The trainer can choose the order and length of time for each activity.
  3. They only activities that should be modified are the topics small groups choose for their teaching activities.

Hours, fees, and participant numbers

  1. To receive a certificate the EC training must be a minimum of 18 hours. The way these hours are distributed is to be determined by the trainer. (The suggested time is over three days or an afternoon and two full days).
  2. The 18 hours can include short breaks and a 1-1 ½ hour lunch. (There should be no difference in the 18 hours if there is translation or not)
  3. EC Trainers will set the fee and number of participants for the workshop appropriate with their area.

Materials, certification fees and print royalties

  1. EC Trainers will be responsible for making copies of and distributing materials to the participants. The cost of these materials should be included in the total workshop fee charged by the EC Trainer.
  2. During checkout you will be asked to fill out a form with your participant list.
  3. Pay fees within one week of hosting the workshop. Fees are paid through the “shop” page.


Certification fee

$35/ per participant

To Know Me is To Love Me: print royalty

$5/ per copy

Do It Yourself Therapy: print royalty

$5/ per copy

A note from Lynn Lott: This system of certification is based on mutual respect and honesty.

In English and in Spanish where there are not formal publishers this agreement gives the trainer permission to print and/or make copies of only one copy of each book per participant.

If you would like to print extra copies of the books and manuals for sale please visit those individual items on the website for print royalty details.

PDF’s of the book should not be emailed to others before or after the workshop. If participants would like the pdf of the book they should be sent to the website to purchase it for download.

Please contact:

Corey Lott

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