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Based on the wisdom and insight of the author’s fortune-telling grandmother, Madame Dora’s advice cards are as funky and fun as they are psychically sound! Dora Littman kept her family eating during the Great Depression by channeling for impoverished miners on Minnesota’s Iron Range through reading cards, crystal balls, palms, and Ouija boards. Her amazingly accurate predictions were always tempered with practical advice. Fifty cards feature Madame Dora advisors such as Vocal Violet (“Speak up”), Realistic Richard (“Check out the facts”), and Zany Zelda (“Don’t forget to giggle”). To access Dora’s cosmic wisdom, readers need to just pick a card! This hip, irreverent divination system is perfect for group get-togethers or quiet contemplation, and the whimsical artwork makes it a charming addition to your psychic toolbox!

Currently these cards are only available for puchase on this site as a downloadable pdf in English or as cards in Mandarin. Soon there will be a translation in Spanish available. If you are interested in buying cards in bulk that are printed to sell or interested in translating and publishing these cards please contact

To purchase cards in Mandarin: Click Here
If you are interested in translating and/or publishing these cards please contact:


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