Lynn Lott Encouragement Consulting Workshops

Lynn Lott Encouragement Consulting

Apply for a Scholarship

Scholarships will be available to apply for in June 2023. There will be an application posted on this page. Scholarships are funded by our EC Global Conference and funds are limited.

1. $200 per participant max.
2. Applicants must demonstrate financial need
3. Applicants must demonstrate at least three ways they will use the information from the EC Training in their job or community.
4. Applicants should communicate with the lead trainer to see how they may be helpful during the training.

EC Master Trainers
1. Individual trainers can have no more than two participants with a scholarship in a given year,
2. One scholarship participant per workshop
3. Trainers may offer their own scholarships and supplement EC scholarships.
4. Trainers must verify that applicants are able to use the EC work to benefit others in a job or community.

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