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Profile PhotoFirst NameLast NameBio Language Preferred Contact Training Completion Date
JustineYao 姚以婷Licensed Professional Counselor Director of Yahe Counseling and Training Center Director of Asia Adlerian Society Positive Discipline Certified Trainer Encouragement Consultant Master TrainerMandarin ChineseYahe.counseling@gmail.com2015-10-25
Ying(Judy)WuJudy Wu is a Certified Psychological Counselor, Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, and Encouragement Consultant Master Trainer in Shanghai, China.Chinese, Englishwuying.judy@qq.com2016-01-01
AliciaWangPositive Discipline Trainer Encouragement Consultant Master Trainer Solving the Mystery of Parenting Teens co-founder Located in the US DC areaChinesealiciawangxiao@gmail.com2015-10-11
FloraHua* EC Master Trainer; * PD Trainer; * Translator of EC book Do It Yourself Therapy, and other 4 PD books; * Translator and co-teacher for Lynn's ECT workshops in China.Chinesesincereerahua@163.com2016-02-04
AnalisaWilliamsFounder of Huellas cultural center with more than 19 years of experience with social and emotional skills develpment through art and creativity. PositiveDiscipline TRainer. EC Master Trainer.spanish huellaspositivas@gmail.com2018-11-19
GigliolaNuñezPositive Discipline Lead Trainer. Encouragement Consultant Master Trainer. Nuñez has been a pioneer of Positive Discipline in her country Colombia and other countries in Latin America.Spanishhttp://www.disciplinaconamor.com2018-03-19
LANPANIn the past six years, we have set up 102 parent workshops to spread positive discipline and encourage consultation .Chineseemail,wechat2019-03-01
FernandaLeeFernanda holds a Master’s degree in Education and has co-facilitated with Lynn Lott in Brazil. She is a Lead Trainer in Positive Discipline, serving parents, health professionals, and couples.Portuguese and English
Emily 剑云Ou欧Emily Ou 欧剑云 EC master trainer, ECC master trainer Positive Discipline TP /PDC /ECE trainer ,EPW master trainer. TP/PDC manual translator ,EPW /KJR tool cards translator , Location: China KunmingChineseoujianyun@qq.com2017-03-10
Qiubin (Amy)Guo2017.10 GET CERTIFICATION OF EC 2019.01 EC MASTER TRAINERChinese008613788823507 | 6146653@qq.com2017-10-27
Huajing (Jane)YangThis is Huajing(Jane)Yang, I'm a EC master and PD educator from Hangzhou,China. I've given two ECT training, one in Hangzhou and one in Beijing. I also translate books and interpret for workshops.Chinese, EnglishEmail:, phone number: (86)18094782899, Weichat ID: 180947828992018-11-20
zhuowangEC Master Certified PD Parenting Educator Certified PD Classroom Educator Personal consultation 1000+ Not too late to grow founder Have a son and a;181008707102018-08-06
KristianOrozcoPassionate about fostering social interest as the key to transformational leadership, Kristian is co-founder and partner at Fasolà (Barcelona), where he is responsible for their development programs.English and | | +34 608 280 3692018-06-07
HAGARShriefI am Hagar M.Shreif Egyptian ,I was the first EC Master Trainer in Arabian world ,I trained 76 Arabian Ec in different Arabian Country Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Morac,,Yemen I translated books into
ChunmeiLiComplete 50+EC groups and 200+ one to one ECChinese+86-159500642022016-06-12
leiwangI am the first Chinese EC trainer in Canada, and I now live in Vancouver. I am also a PD certified trainer, offering a series of positive discipline courses in,7786836056,Vancourver2020-11-10
FeierPanMy name is Feier Pan ,from Ningbo. I began to learn Positive Discipline in 2016, and became a EC Trainer. in 2018, I deeply benefited from the EC, and hope to Share it with many people around me.Chinese135665128312020-11-10
Phoebe (beim)MaShe is also a positive disciplinarian Master and a parenting best-selling author.Over the past three years, Phoebe lead 35 EC groups and completed 19 EC certification courses.ChineseWechat Channels: 贝妈有办法 Tel :153781749772017-11-09
洁Jie鲁LuEC Master Trainer Positive Discipline KJR Trainer National Certified Psychological Consultant Positive Discipline Parenting Educator Positive Discipline Classroom Educator SEL; wechat:180173827612018-12-12
ZhangGeyinTP Trainer EC Trainer Psychology Over 50 certification sessions Nearly 1000 ceritified EC & TP facilitatorsChinesezhanggeyin@hotmail.com2017-07-30
MónicCerdaEC Master Trainer Positive Discipline Trainer Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Certified Emotional Educator Yogi Minds for Kids Certified Teacher Friends For LifeSpanish+5281171041822019-02-01
Xiu JuanZhaI started to learn and practice the encouragement consultant training in May 2018, and was certified as an encouragement consultant in December 2018. I have held 12 encouragement consulting group .Chinese3042829214@qq.com2018-12-19
JingyiLuMaster of Psychology,Positive Discipline Trainer(Certified TP Trainer),Certified EC Master Trainer.Chinese527434898@qq.com2017-06-17
RuiMaEC Masterchinese234345456@qq.com2020-05-13
JingZhangI am Jing.Zhang from Tianjin,China.In 2018, I participated in Lynn's encouragement consultant training in Beijing.Since then, I have learned the power of encouragement.I love,Phone number:86-0-139206878412020-04-13
ShulizhengCo-founder of Sanyou Growth Sanyou Growth Dean of Encouragement Consultant Master Trainer/ Encouragement Consultant for Couples Master Trainer Positive Discipline TP/PDC TrainerChineseEnglish+8619926425358 zheng.guixian@sanyouedu.org2017-10-01
XinxinZhangEncouragement Consultant Master Trainer Positive Discipline TP/PDC Master CandidateChinese+8619926425358 zheng.guixian@sanyouedu.org2019-12-31
LilyJiangEncouragement Consultant Master Trainer Positive Discipline TP Master CandidateChinese+8619926425358 zheng.guixian@sanyouedu.org2019-12-31
Victory YutingXie抱持勇气把自己的生活和工作活出一束光,燃亮自己的生命,为身边的人照亮前行的道路。 Hold the courage to live a beam of light in your life and work, light up your life, and light up the way for the people around you.中文 Chinese邮箱 手机:(86)18576414373 微信:sanyou032019-01-06
Angela, TingtingZhangEC Master Trainer, Co-founder of the EC for Couples Chinese Translator for the books: To Know me is to love me, Together and Liking it, Chores without Wars Doctoral Student of Adler UniversityChinese, English; angela.zhang@sanyouedu.org2015-10-12
RanZhangMy name is Ran Zhang. I come from Wuhan, Hubei province ,China.I have been a teacher in education for 20 years. In 2019, I became a Certified Encouragement Consultant Master.ChineseEmail: 258479899@qq.com2019-01-20
Yingjie SongJiePDA&PDC&KJR Graduate student, Institute of psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences National second level psychological counselor Master of Beijing Jiaotong Unive 20 PD parent classes 8 EC groupChinese186006408172020-12-05
潇Sam杨Yang毕业于西南师范大学心理学专业,研究生师从我国人格心理学泰斗黄希庭教授。取得注册正面管教导师(CPDT)和认证职场赋能导师(EPWM)资质。曾在世界著名500强企业、海外上市企业担任中高级管理职位。带领112期专业父母课,60期正面管教家长讲师认证班和20期正面管教学校讲师认证班,超过5000名学员分布在中国180+城市。并在寸土寸金的北京中关村西区开设中国第一家专业的儿童社会情绪学习中心。汉语Mandarin ChineseMob.:13810319431; Wechat: edutalent; Email:575331970@qq.com2020-10-16
AnnaZhang我叫安娜,二胎妈妈,向暖园创始人,鼓励咨询导师,荣格派心理咨询师,现在主要的事情是向暖园教学督导和沙盘心理咨询工作。周末或者工作之余会去各地上家长系统课以及鼓励咨询小组。 2021会开始招募鼓励咨询师认证班,带着那份信念,随着缘分,让一群人也一起学习,相信鼓励咨询课程会帮到更多的人。chinese广州市白云区太和镇头陂村8队虾钳东街1号 137587489722018-06-20
SeonghwanKimPrimary school teacher, certified positive discipline trainer. Encouragement Consultants Master. Translate. The found of PD and EC in Korea.Korean and Englishkaba97@naver.com2018-07-12
LauraCarrillo MedinaI'm Laura Carrillo, Psychologist by profession and with a master's degree in Adlerian Counseling by Blanquerna. Candidate Positive Discipline Trainer Parenting and classroom. (CPDT).Español
SunnyQuanI am a positive discipline lecturer and EC Master, the mother of an 8-year-old girl. Deeply cultivated in the field of education and training for more than ten years, with rich TEL: +86-171816012222021-03-09
WeiJIMy current job is an Encouragement Conselting Trainer and Positive Discipline Facilitator. I love working with parents and kids. I wish kids grow up in health families.Chinese139678417532021-01-09
YangBaiMs. Bai Yang • Master of Management • Mother of a 5-year-old boy • CPDPE , CPDCE • Certified Encouragement Counseling Master Trainer • 7 years of university lecturing experience • 3 years of PDChineseEMAIL:75247349@qq.com2020-08-14
EchoSunA psychological consultant who loves experiencing life, and has passion about encouraging people to be positive and strong.ChinesePhone(WeChat): 13402661216 Email: 34353383@qq.com2020-07-10
ChangYaoI used to be a teacher now I'm a psychologist and a PD instructor. Since the first EC class by Lynn in Guangzhou in 2018, I have benefited a lot. My life has changed. I love EC and want to share it wiEnglish or Chinese178449290@qq.com2020-08-16
Carrie Brazer
CarrieBrazerEncouragement Consultant Master Trainer, Founder of the Carrie Brazer Center For Autism in Miami Florida. A private school for the past 22 years. Parent Educator, Master's degree in Special Education.English 305-271-8790 305-401-06402020-08-01

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