How would you introduce and handle the activities with particular groups that may have a history of abuse and violence?

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  1. Lynn Lott on May 5, 2021 at 7:59 am

    Right now I am thinking if your children outside of you were experiencing trauma and violence and mistreatment would you ignore it and talk about tit later ? No you would want to take care of them now. ou have children those ages living in side of you. If you ignore them and tell them to go away or don’t worry they are never going to get better and it is going to impact your life today in a negative way.

    Follow the process and the steps for the activities. Once you pick the age of your current inner child that is the child inside of you who needs love encouragement, support, and help. This activity can be healing and help.

    In the workshop keep in mind probably you do not want to start with the most traumatic memory because you are just learning the techniques. You can if you are in a safe space but you also can pick a different memory to practice. Give yourself permission to experience whatever happens. If there is someone you trust in our outside of the workshop then it would be good to ask them permission to talk more about the painful memories when the workshop has concluded.

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