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Kristian Orozco

What was the inspiration behind the EC name?

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  1. Lynn Lott on March 31, 2021 at 7:26 am

    I tried to think of a name for a new field that I had created that did not require a license to practice and use. I realized that anyone could be encouraging without a license and the world is filled with consultants.

    Being a psychologist what I noticed is that psychology had gotten to a point where there were so many rules and regulations about what could be done when someone was having a problem that many people ended up not getting help at all. And for many people asking for help meant spending a lot of money to get an answer.

    I was working with a group of people who had studied Positive Discipline. In the PD courses people learn how to parent their children with love and encouragement. EC is about going back and re parenting your inner children. So why not use the methods of parenting with love and encouragement. They work beautifully.

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